About Us

We bring local artists to you

We are an independent and proactive group of specialized artists and producers. We provide services for producing innovative artistic videos that include high-quality audio recordings for professional musicians and singers from all over the world, whether they are at the beginning of their artistic career or want to improve their digital presence through audio streaming services and social media.

grayscale photography of two crouching men
grayscale photography of two crouching men

Our Story

The idea of this project was born from our awareness of the cultural, social, political, economic and objective challenges that artists face in the process of building their digital presence and in their efforts to promote their artistic works. We also believe in the importance of supporting artistic talents and artists in general, and we seek to highlight cultural and aesthetic diversity.

We are aware of this complete absence of a platform that brings together artists and allows them the possibility of displaying or promoting their works with high quality photography, recording and marketing.


Sound Recording

Video Shoot



The sound is recorded with advanced equipment to ensure superior quality and an exceptional listening experience

We use the latest technologies to ensure high-quality photography in a state-of-the-art studio environment.

We are keen to provide artistic filming and recording results according to international standards and showcase the originality of the artist.

We market in cooperation with professional specialists in the field of publishing on audio streaming services platforms. We also create and manage effective campaigns on social media.

We, the future

The oLive project, which publishes musicians’ works audio streaming services and social media, can play a major role in enhancing artists’ opportunities to participate in local and international festivals and be discovered by festival organizers.

Our mission is to communicate with organizers of local and international festivals to increase the artist’s opportunities for live music events and performances.

Organizing local festivals.

Producing musical works, including sound recording, composing, arranging, filming and directing.

Eisa Shomar

Executive Director

Xander Hilwi

Creative Director

Philip Halloun

Studio Executive

Hosam Odeh

Digital Distribution

Mowaffaq Abd El Fattah

Artists & Relations


Future Partner

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